This is the recruitment website for the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences at the University of Oxford.

The Nuffield College Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) is an interdisciplinary research Centre at the University of Oxford engaged in experimental work in the social sciences. We are located at 3 George Street Mews on the second floor. At CESS, we use laboratory, online, and field experiments to study how humans make decisions in various circumstances under different monetary incentives.

On this site, you can register to participate in laboratory and/or virtual laboratory experiments. You will be asked which types of experiments you are interested in during the registration process. Please keep in mind that laboratory experiments require physically coming to our location in Oxford and climbing two flights of stairs to get to the lab. Registration is open to anyone in the United Kingdom who is at least 18 years of age. (Note: Due to COVID-19, all physical laboratory experiments have been halted until proper social distancing measures are put in place).

CESS guarantees that subjects earn at least £3 for participating in virtual laboratory experiments and £5 for coming to a laboratory experiment on time. Final payments may depend on your decisions, the decisions of others and luck but typically average payments are usually around £10/hour. Experiments do not typically involve anything more than making decisions on a computer. Payments for laboratory experiments are made in cash, in private, at the end of the experiment while payment for virtual laboratory experiments are through Paypal. If we run a session that involves payment in another medium, we will include such details in the advertisements for that particular session.

CESS will only use the data you provide on this website for the purpose of inviting you to experiments. Your information is only accessible by responsible members of CESS and the University of Oxford and will never be given to a third party unless with your permission or to the extent required by law. You may request that your data is removed from the system at any time by contacting us at

To participate, you first need to subscribe to the participants’ database via the “Sign up” link on the left side of your screen. Please make sure to mark which type of experiments you are interested in (Note: A Paypal© email is required to participate and be compensated for virtual laboratory experiments). Upon registering, you will receive emails now and then inviting you to a specific experiment. If you wish to participate at one of the times announced in the emails, you can sign up for a time that fits your schedule.

On the left side, you can find additional information about CESS lab rules and practices but if you have any questions feels free to contact us at

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